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Change product tab button hover color


  • Sylvain started the conversation


    I am currently using the Home 19 Demo import of Ekommart and adapting its content.

    In the product tab section (see screenshot), I accidentally removed the hover color change of the "Add to cart" button. Now the box keeps the same color when hovering. No matter if I check the "Style" part of Section/Column/Heading/Product Tabs, all I can change is the color of the text but not the color/hover option of the box itself containing the text. I even tried to mess around with the "Site Settings" and global colors for buttons but it doesn't seem to work.

    Do you know where I can change the hover color option of the "Add to cart" button?

    Thank you

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    Opal replied

    Dear mate,

    You can config the global color button.



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