How to update Visual Composer - Revolution Slider plugin

First of all :  You do not need active or take care about that message active about Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. You can update Visual Composer or Revolution Slider with your license code.

BUT, buying a theme which is bundled with Visual Composer and Revolution Slider ( like our theme) does not mean that you also buying a license code of that plugins. So you just don't have a license key and can't get automatic updates. You can purchase separate plugins on : http://bit.ly/VisualPagebuider and http://bit.ly/RevoSliderWP

We bought an extended license to be able include it in our theme, and we own only one license key (as well as in case with single license), theme buyers are not allowed to use that key.

To update our plugin include on our theme. Please follow that step 

1. Go to 'Appearance > plugin', deactivate Visual Composer and Revolution plugins and delete them.

2. After you delete them, you'll see this message : 

Click on 'Begins installing plugins'

3. Install them and don't forget to activate too! :