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Site keeps crashing


  • christianbenitez started the conversation

    Good morning, this is my 4th ticket I opened, I even purchased extended support and I do not have a single response from your.

    My site keeps crashing due to your theme, i keep submiting tickets, when i get a reply that my site is fixed, 2-3 days after the site is again crashed cause of a problem with the template. This time I get this error:

    Uncaught Error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting ',' or ')' in /home/haveagoova/www/wp-content/themes/co-workshop/inc/template-tags.php on line 394

    Can you please solve my problem, not just this error but also I want my site not to be crashing every 2-3 days, this is a client's website and it can keep crashing like that.