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  • ibndaaud started the conversation

    Hello guys,

    Attention pls: I have very very limited time to resolve this problem and am always assured of your timely and prompt responses.

    I use Fullhouse Real Estate theme

    Can you please refer me to where and how I can effectively remove the price tag completely maybe from inside the code, it appeared impossible from the dashboard. As you can see from the attached image, no price was entered and yet  0.00 appeared beneath the properties. Kindly help me as fast as possible please, my boss is on my throat and I don’t want to lose my job.

    My domain name is : www.lsdpc.gov.ng

    you can confirm the problem on the homepage

    Thank you in anticipation of your all time unflinching support 

    Attached files:  Screenshot_2021-03-25 LSDPC – The Foremost Housing Provider.png

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    Opal replied

    Dear mate,

    If you don't add price it will show text "Contact Property": https://prnt.sc/10x5sej


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