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Error message in template


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    Hello, today I installed your template according to your instructions. >span class="JLqJ4b ChMk0b" data-language-for-alternatives="en" data-language-to-translate-into="cs" data-phrase-index="2" data-number-of-phrases="19" jscontroller="Zl5N8" jsdata="uqLsIf;_;$788" jsmodel="SsMkhd">-stack.php on line 1535

    Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /www/doc/www.rezidencestarymlyn.cz/www/wp-content/plugins/elementor/includes/base/controls-stack.php on line 1537

    furthermore, when I want to click in the opal dashboard administration, this message pops up:

    Fatal error: Unparenthesized `a? Bc ? d: e` is not supported. Use either `(a? B: c)? d: e` or `a? b: (c? d: e) `in /www/doc/www.rezidencestarymlyn.cz/www/wp-content/themes/opalhomes/inc/admin/screens/welcome.php on line 96
    A serious error has occurred on the site. See your webmaster's inbox for instructions.

    please solve the problem thank you very much everyone

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    Opal replied

    Dear mate,

    We have already received your issue reports, we are sorry for that.
    To resolve the problem, could you please provide us the FTP account, Admin backend access information of your website?

    Please check again version PHP.
    Server Recommendations: PHP version 7.4
    Then check again the issues.


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